Take The Healthy Weight Challenge or Sponsor Someone Who Has


The Challenge:

Being overweight and in some cases underweight can have detrimental affects on your health.This program, enables you to monitor your weight and use the increased motivation of raising sponsorship for underprivileged children to aid you in progressing towards a more healthy weight for your height.

This challenge is a double winner. It enables you to win by achieving a healthier weight, whilst enabling opportunity to a child less fortunate than yourself.
  1. Based on your height we compute a healthy weight range for you.
  2. You weigh yourself regularly and log your weight
  3. We chart your weight change over time, setting a target of 2lbs per week.
  4. You set your next weight goal and we will chart a path to that goal, based on your current rate of weight change.
  5. We will record your total weight change, your average daily weight change, and your current daily weight change.
Set yourself a sponsorship target and raise money for HEAL, you will be giving hope to those less fortunate than yourself.

Weight advice and guidance

Gradual weight changes through healthier eating and sensible exercise regimes are more likely to lead to a sustainable healthier weight. Expert guidance should be sought from your medical doctor if you are extremely overweight or underweight or you have an underlying health condition.

The UK National Health Service produces excellent healthy weight advice online.
This includes:

What to do next:

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